Couchbase Unveils New GenAI Coding Capabilities and AI Partner Program

Couchbase, the cloud database platform company, is unveiling several enhancements for its Database-as-a-Service, Couchbase Capella, as well as innovations for the overall Couchbase ecosystem. Introducing generative AI (genAI) capabilities to Capella—as well as a series of developer experience improvements—and the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program catapults Couchbase into the bustling world of AI.

Couchbase’s new genAI capabilities, dubbed Capella iQ, accelerates the speed of SQL++ and application-level code writing for developers through recommended sample code. Targeting application lifecycle management, Capella iQ is engineered with foundation models that add intelligence to the developer workbench so that applications can be built, tested, and shipped out faster, according to the company.

Capella iQ lets developers use natural language to generate code, sample datasets, and unit tests. Additionally, the genAI can advise on index creation, search syntax, and other programmatic access to Capella for improved productivity and quality.

“Code that used to take hours for a developer to write will now be generated in a matter of minutes in sample sets from Capella iQ,” said Scott Anderson, SVP of product management and business operations at Couchbase. “This makes developers more efficient when building modern apps, ultimately accelerating innovation for customers. By incorporating generative AI into our fully managed DBaaS, we are making it easier for developers to get started with Capella and significantly boost their productivity.”

Couchbase is also launching several enhancements to Capella, including:

  • Extension of Capella to more of the developer platform ecosystem with integrations for Vercel and the IntelliJ family of IDEs
  • Improved Capella cluster handling for large workloads through the dynamic scaling of disk storage and input/output operations per second (IOPS), increasing availability and performance
  • Increased security and governance through Capella’s independent validation for PCI DSS 4.0 and CSA STAR Level 2 compliance

Further delving into the power of AI, Couchbase’s new AI Accelerate Partner Program eases the process of building AI-powered apps with Couchbase Capella, additionally supporting integrations with the larger AI and data ecosystem.

As part of Couchbase PartnerEngage, the AI Accelerate Partner Program offers resources for rapid integration with Couchbase Capella, as well as collaboration opportunities for cloud service providers, independent software vendors, system integrators and technology partners.

“Generative AI holds great promise for how companies build applications and the types of experiences they can deliver to their customers,” said Matt McDonough, SVP of business development and strategy at Couchbase. “Couchbase has long invested in the partner ecosystem and believes in collaboration with partners, joint solutions, and integrations. This allows partners to deliver the best customer experience so customers can get more insight and value from the data stored in Capella. In order to make it easier for customers to build AI-powered applications on Capella, we are partnering, building integrations, and aligning with others in the ecosystem. The new AI Accelerate Partner Program will ensure that our cloud database platform is well positioned to be a key part of the rapidly emerging AI landscape.”

Joining the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program comes with a myriad of benefits that range in category from go-to-market initiatives to technical and enablement offerings. These include:

  • Early access eligibility for Couchbase beta programs and AI roadmap
  • Hands-on AI workshops accompanied by the Couchbase pre-sales team
  • Rapid integration with Capella, including eligibility for Capella trials
  • Couchbase PartnerEngage portal access, which offers enablement assets and asynchronous online training courses
  • Go-to-market opportunities and eligibility for a listing on the Couchbase website, as well as other co-marketing initiatives

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