Couchbase to Run Natively with Key-Value API for ioMemory

Storage memory platform vendor Fusion-io has announced that NoSQL database provider Couchbase is integrating to run Couchbase Server natively on ioMemory through Fusion-io's software development kit. Through the Fusion-io Key-Value API, Couchbase will integrate its database with persistent memory and offer the optimized code as open source to the community.

Running Couchbase natively on ioMemory will provide customers with advantages, according to Fusion-io. Customers will be able to "write higher-performing apps with less code," as well as "tap into additional performance gains that aren't accessible to classic SSDs," Brent Compton, Fusion-io senior director of product management, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Additionally, customers can "reduce operating costs by extending more expensive DRAM with less expensive flash memory," he notes.

Couchbase allows data to be cached in RAM and stored in flash with transparent migration between the two, providing greater performance and reliability at a lower cost. ioMemory, which Compton describes as, "part memory and part storage," brings together the benefits of disk and DRAM in one product. "It's not disk, and likewise, it's not DRAM; it's unique," he states. With native support for Couchbase, ioMemory provides improved throughput for random reads and writes.

The Couchbase Key-Value Store API is expected to be offered as open source in mid-July 2012. Through the new Fusion-io Developer Program, users can gain early access to select libraries and APIs.

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