Coxwave Raises $3.5M to Debut its Product Analytics Platform, AlignAI, in the US

Coxwave, the analytics infrastructure empowering builders to create AI-native products, announced it has raised $3.5 million from a recent funding round, equipping the company to invest heavily in building its core analytics infrastructure platform, Align AI, while enabling it to serve global customers.

The funding was led by KB Investment, Danal, and Seoul Techno Holdings. After successfully selling two generative AI products to Korean public conglomerate Sandoll Group this year, Coxwave is expanding its global footprint, according to the company.

Align AI is a tool that empowers product teams and developers to easily monitor and analyze conversational data generated from LLM-powered conversational products that they are building.

Align supports seamless real-time live data ingestion with a pre-built software development kit (SDK) as well as access to leading LLM toolkits, Langchain, and LlamaIndex. With the setup process taking under 10 minutes, Align allows businesses to translate user interactions into insights for product improvement, according to the company.

A key component of the Align offering is the natural language universal search, a contextual semantic search engine that enables product teams to search for specific conversational data using plain English.

The platform’s built-in data analytics assistant, Copilot, provides a conversational interface to enable product teams to deep dive into the conversational data—producing insights, recommendations, and relevant metrics. These features cut down on the time required for product teams to analyze conversational data to produce insights.

“The GenAI space is overflowing with LLM-based conversational interfaces, but there is a severe lack of personalization that can lead to frustrating user experiences and missed revenue opportunities for companies using AI systems,” said Gijung Kim, CEO of Coxwave. “We empower developers of LLM products and services to enhance their AI solutions by providing them with a platform for turning their conversational data into actionable user and product insights, thus creating hyper-personalized customer experiences. Despite Align’s recent launch, we are witnessing great attention including receiving over one thousand votes on Product Hunt.”

Align is already powering the analytics stack for several companies including Wrtn, Metabuddy, Collectiv AI, and more.

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