Crafting a Data Governance Strategy that Opens Doors for the Business

Data governance works behind the scenes to deliver the trust and compliance every data citizen needs to help drive their business forward.

But for too many organizations, data governance still just means control when it can open the door to a whole lot more.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Stan Christiaens, co-founder and CTO, Collibra, who discussed why industry leaders are changing their approach to data governance.

Digital disruptions are happening faster than ever, Christiaens explained. The goal of the organization should be to reach the needs of all data citizens.

To close the gap between data and creating a solid data governance strategy, there are several key points to invest in including Analytics, visualization/dashboards, models, AI/ML, cataloguing, data management, MDM/ETL, and data lakes.

Structuring a data governance strategy requires a balance of offense and defense … across Find, understand, and trust, Christiaens said.

Collibra allows data consumers to:

  • Easily FIND the right data
  • Quickly UNDERSTAND what the data means
  • Explicitly TRUST the data because its entire context is known
  • Advance DATA PRIVACY in a changing regulatory environment

Collibra offers data engagement with governance, blending data experience with cataloguing, governance, privacy, and data management.

Collibra’s approach is business-user driven with collaboration between business and IT and is adaptable across industries/processes, Christiaens explained.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.