CrateDB 2.0 Enhanced with Stronger Cluster Capabilities, Security Upgrades, and SQL Improvements, developers of CrateDB, a  SQL database for real time analytics of IoT and machine data, is releasing  CrateDB 2.0 in both open source and enterprise versions, updating its cluster capabilities and making SQL improvements.

New improvements to the platform consist of performance and resiliency upgrades for clustering, SQL enhancements such as aggregations on joins, sub-selects, table renaming and reindexing, and enterprise edition features.

The Enterprise Edition updates include authentication and authorization for enhanced security, new performance monitoring tools, and support for user-defined query functions to enable more advanced in-database analytics.

New features available in CrateDB 2.0 include clustering upgrades with improved performance and resiliency; faster aggregations and group-by query performance; new index structures for faster range queries, geospatial queries, and queries on IP address data types; SQL Improvements; aggregations on Joins; sub-selects; table renaming and reindexing; enhanced security via authentication and authorization capabilities; database performance monitoring capabilities, via New UI with native performance monitoring tools and third party monitoring JMX integration; and user-defined functions via SQL/Javascript.

“This infrastructure allows users to monitor their data in real-time,” said Andy Ellicott CMO.

The company plans on expanding its footprint in the future with further upgrades that adhere to emerging company requirements, along with integrating always evolving SQL improvements, said CEO Christian Lutz.

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