Newsletters Launches Edge Database with the Power of CrateDB, developer and supplier of CrateDB, is releasing CrateDB Edge, allowing customers to capture and analyze data at the data source, regardless of geographical location or whether there is cloud or internet accessibility.

CrateDB Edge brings the capabilities of CrateDB Cloud—’s managed database-as-a-service∞to edge locations for the first time.

“CrateDB is an incredibly powerful database that is purpose-built for the unique characteristics and high-volume, high-scalability demands of machine data use cases,” says Bernd Dorn, CTO of “With the launch of CrateDB Edge, our database can be deployed, managed, and backed up through the same database management capabilities and functionalities that run within the cloud service.”

CrateDB Edge allows organizations to maintain full control over their infrastructure and still leverage CrateDB as an expertly-managed service.

Customers can choose to deploy a cluster in their own region and operate it entirely on their own infrastructure, whether that is AWS, Azure, or on physical servers at their facilities. Kubernetes is the interface hosting the CrateDB Edge clusters; customers are in control of data through their CrateDB Cloud web interface.

CrateDB Edge is built to deliver:

  • Complete data ownership and privacy. CrateDB Edge is a perfect fit for organizations who require full ownership over their data and trust their CrateDB deployments managed, optimized, and scaled by experts.
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Whether running CrateDB in an enterprise’s own AWS or Azure account or through an on-prem data center, CrateDB Edge offers flexibility and does not require continuous internet connectivity for cluster operation.
  • Real-time analytics on the edge. Deploying clusters locally allows analytics to be performed closer to the data source—significantly optimizing resources and response time. CrateDB Edge offers the same full functionality as CrateDB Cloud, making it simple and straightforward for developers to build applications that run on the edge and the cloud
  • Cross-cluster asynchronous sync. Configurable data synchronization features ensure that select portions of edge data can be automatically pushed into the cloud or even sync with other edge regions to enable all kinds of analytics aspects, including learning models in the cloud and operational machine analytics on the edge. is inviting existing and new CrateDB users to join an early adopter program to pilot and implement lighthouse cloud and edge use cases.

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