Creating a Framework for a Modern Data Strategy at Data Summit 2019

Today, there are more opportunities than ever for organizations to achieve new levels of success by capitalizing on data and analytics. Despite this fact, many organizations struggle to build, grow, and reinforce their analytics capabilities.

Shelly Brown, director, Booz Allen Hamilton will explain how a framework known as ADAPT+C  can address an organization’s most critical analytics problems with a “best-fit” approach during her Data Summit 2019 presentation, “ADAPT+C: A Framework for Building a Data-Driven Organization.”

The sixth annual Data Summit conference will be held in Boston, May 21-22, 2019, with pre-conference workshops on May 20. Registration is now open.

“We felt like there are a lot of different frameworks that exist that many folks can use on analytics but there was nothing that really focused on all the things we wanted to focus on,” Brown said.

ADAPT+C is an acronym that stands for: Analytic opportunities, Data, Analytic techniques, People, Technology, and Culture.

“Ultimately the thought process behind the whole model is that you can’t just focus on one thing,” Brown said.

Her goal is to show how to get the organization, both the leadership and staff, ready to be accepting of data to make data driven decisions instead of going off a gut feel.

“We see so many people struggling with this,” Brown said.

One of the biggest shifts she has seen in the field has been the rise of the Chief Data Officer and a whole host of things they need to focus on which relates to the ADAPT+C elements, Brown explained.

“I find it helpful to have conversations with folks about the data journey and ultimately how we’re all trying to get to the same place: creating value out of our data,” Brown said.

This will be Brown’s first time at Data Summit and she looks forward to reflecting on the experiences of others.

“There’s always a lesson learned or discussion that you’ve thought about before but it’s been a while since you’ve allowed yourself the time to take it in and think about it from a critical sense as it pertains to you,” Brown said.

She predicts attendees will want to know how to make the job of a CDO easier so that people can come together as a collective network and use more open source technologies.

“What I want to bring to my presentation is not only this framework but also how we applied it internally,” Brown said.

Brown will present her Data Summit session, on Wednesday, May 22, at 10:45 am.

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