Credo AI Emerges from Stealth with Platform Promise of Building Ethical AI

Credo AI is emerging from stealth, publicly launching a comprehensive governance platform for Artificial Intelligence that provides tools that help companies ensure their AI systems and machine learning models are aligned with ethical, regulatory, and business requirements.

"As our society becomes more digital we are increasingly aware of the power of artificial intelligence to automate and augment our daily lives. But we are also aware of the potential for unintended consequences if these systems are not purposefully designed. Now is the time to ensure that trust, integrity, and ethical standards are a part of every AI system. Credo AI makes this possible for the first time," said Jon Sakoda, founder of Decibel VC and Credo AI Board Member.

Credo AI is a single platform for managing compliance and risks of AI deployment at scale. Credo AI uses a context-sensitive risk framework to help organizations deploy scalable, responsible AI systems faster and with greater confidence, according to the vendor.

With Credo AI, organizations are able to understand where their AI applications, ML models, and processes are falling short.

The upshot is efficient AI development, transparency at every stage from system design to production monitoring, a continuous view of risks and compliance, and trustworthy AI systems that can be held accountable, according to the vendor.

Credo AI standardizes AI governance using multi-stakeholder alignment to define governance requirements. It provides model assessment and audit tools, as well as a centralized repository of governance artifacts, to measure progress towards those requirements.

The platform tracks models, policies, processes and accountable stakeholders in an auditable record that makes end-to-end governance a reality. It provides comprehensive auditability by recording the decisions that went into the creation, testing, deployment and monitoring of the AI applications. That record of governance can then be shared both internally and externally to develop and maintain trust with all stakeholders.

Credo AI was founded in 2020 by Navrina Singh and Eli Chen, inspired by the mission to help organizations build AI aligned with human values.

Navrina is a 20-year product veteran of Microsoft and Qualcomm, an executive board member of the Mozilla Foundation guiding its trustworthy AI charter,  a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, and a former member of the Global Council of AI guiding policies and regulations in responsible AI. Eli is a seasoned engineering leader from Netflix and Twitter. Credo AI has raised $5.5M to date in total funding from Decibel,  AI FUND, and Village Global.

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