Crosscheck Networks Ships Federated SOA Testing Product

Crosscheck Networks, Inc., a provider of web services testing, simulation and security, announced the latest release of SOAPSonar (version 5.0), designed to enable enterprises to test functional and performance characteristics of unlimited-sized Web services attachments via streaming of structured and unstructured data based on industry standards such as MTOM and MIME. Crosscheck says this is the first product of its kind with this capability.

"Emboldened by successful SOA deployments, enterprises are extending to a federated SOA for document exchange with external partners," Jason Macy, CTO and vice president of engineering of Crosscheck Networks, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Tax, home loan, and medical-related files are routinely exchanged using web services with a natural trajectory of increasing file sizes. Cloud computing is another driver for file transfers over web services standards to accomplish document archiving to cloud-dwelling storage such as Amazon S3."

SOAPSonar 5.0 also offers support for WS-Trust, SAML 2.0, and WS-Identity tokens ensuring a best-practices approach to federated identity management for strict authentication and authorization testing.

A core component of Crosscheck Networks' holistic product suite, SOAPSonar provides testing for SOAP-, XML- and REST-based services. The SOAPSonar framework provides testing modes for functional, multi-client performance, compliance and security testing.

In addition, SOAPSonar provides end-to-end message queue testing supporting IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, WLS JMS and Native JMS, ensuring business continuity with all trading partners - including those interacting via legacy components.

"Understanding the performance implications of file transfers is essential in planning for anticipated traffic patterns," Macy says. "Without tools that can simulate sending and receiving large files as web services attachments, capacity planning and optimal infrastructure investment is not possible. While XML verbosity itself has grown in complexity, the burden induced is minimal in comparison to that which .pdf or .tiff attachments place on the XML processing engines. XML parsers are optimized for complexity, but not optimized for large XML attachments."

Crosscheck Networks' products can be deployed together or seamlessly integrated with organizations' existing infrastructure. In addition to SOAPSonar, the enterprise-class suite comprises SOAPSimulator, a service-simulation product for developers and testers. SOAPSimulator is intended to help reduce web services project expense and duration by enabling parallel development of the client and service components of a SOAP- or XML-based Web service.

Another feature, Forum Sentry, is designed to simplify business communications through secure integration across networks and business boundaries, the FIPS- and DoD-certified Sentry XML Gateway ensures preemptive risk mitigation of business transactions exposed via SOA by enabling the ability to develop and deploy SOAP- and XML-based web services.

For more information, visit Crosscheck Networks here.