Crowdbotics Leverages AI and Code to Drive Rapid Product Development

Crowdbotics, the enterprise helping organizations harness the power of CodeOps, is debuting a new set of AI capabilities for the Crowdbotics platform, a development accelerator platform that reduces a team’s time-to-market by up to 50%. These new features will empower organizations to generate organization-level strategies for systemic code reuse, rapidly create application build plans, and instantly produce a running application via prebuilt components. 

Crowdbotics’ push for integrating AI into CodeOps is born from this statistic: Up to 70% of the code organizations write in their applications has been written before. Despite this reality, many development teams are left to write new software from the ground-up, creating a wealth of inefficiency, according to the company. 

By leveraging AI, Crowdbotics is able to accelerate development processes and time-to-market through the identification of correct project specifications and code modules for each product and organization.

“Our platform assists developers—it doesn’t replace them. All code used to create software is analyzed and verified with tooling and by humans before it’s available to customers. As a full code platform, we integrate with your existing DevOps stack, so any code written by developers on the platform can be subject to your existing security and compliance guidelines,” said Charath Ranganathan, CTO of Crowdbotics. “In an AI-first world, you must know where your code comes from. We are here to give enterprises and developers a cost-effective solution to meet software development goals that can help their businesses save money.”

This latest release comes with four new AI capabilities that integrate AI with code operations (CodeOps), ultimately driving greater development productivity and efficiency. These include:

  • Assembly AI, offering the instantaneous “snapping together” of prebuilt code modules and readymade features, sourced from the Crowdbotics catalog, to rapidly launch a running app
  • Assessment AI, enabling the secure scanning of project data to surface insights regarding duplicative work, creating a code reuse roadmap
  • Edit with AI, allowing users to configure AI-generated apps with natural language suggestions
  • PRD AI, which produces a comprehensive, actionable software build plan in seconds

“We are in the middle of a paradigm shift for product creators with generative AI. Adapting to this new world requires us to redefine the software development lifecycle to be AI-first in planning, verifying, and launching software,” said Anand Kulkarni, founder and CEO of Crowdbotics. “The Crowdbotics platform delivers an efficient process to enable systemic code reuse within your organization using AI.”

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