Curvature and DataCore Partner to Drive Down Storage Costs

Curvature, an IT infrastructure and services provider, announced it is teaming up with DataCore, a provider of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, to provide combined solutions intended to help manage storage costs. Curvature will offer tools intended to take advantage of commoditized hardware to build storage infrastructure and deliver unique ways to extend the life of existing equipment.

“We believe Software-Defined storage will be one of the highest-impact trends changing infrastructure and operations through 2018,” said Jeff Zanardi, VP of business development at Curvature. The plan is to “build solutions based on DataCore’s IOPS and price performance storage virtualization technologies,” he explained. “This will change how companies, procure, build and manage their storage infrastructures, which will result in a disruption of the current market, especially among entrenched storage vendors.”

Organizations can instantly repurpose their existing server and storage equipment by adding DataCore’s unified software services alongside Curvature’s hardware and third-party maintenance platform. Curvature helps keep critical assets working beyond the original manufacturer's specifications.

DataCore’s SDS solutions are designed to enable companies to reduce the risks associated with constant change and avoid capital expenses by eliminating the need to rip and replace storage equipment already in place. With DataCore Software-Defined Storage, purchasers pay once for intelligent software and run it on the hardware of their choice.

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