Cybele Releases 'Applet-Free' Mainframe Terminal Emulator

There is still great demand for terminal emulation, as a new release from Cybele Software, Inc. shows. The vendor released z/Scope Anywhere 7.0, a remote-computing solution for users of IBM mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX systems. Cybele says it designed z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 as a pure HTML5/JavaScript client. There is no ActiveX or Java applet to install, making z/Scope Anywhere “100% native-firewall friendly.”

z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 also is a cross-platform environment, supporting users of any current technology device, HTML5 browser, or operating system.

The emulator supports multiple protocols including TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100 to VT420, and SSH. In addition, z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 supports multiple sessions on the same client. To help users manage their sessions and connections, z/Scope Anywhere includes both a centralized and individual control panels for managing system settings such as SSL options, char tables, hotspots, and keypads. Users can view real-time usage statistics, including connections per host, as well as a comprehensive log file of connection activity. 

The emulator also incorporates a “metro” design within its smartphone and tablet interfaces, supporting both touch and virtual keyboards.

More details are at the Cybele Software site.