Cybersecurity Start-Up Kapalya Launches Encryption Solution

Cybersecurity start-up Kapalya has launched a data protection solution that protects sensitive data in-transit and at-rest on public and private clouds, endpoints and mobile, helping companies comply with GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

The Encryption Management Platform enables employees to work on any device while ensuring file safety, coupled with the ability to share encrypted files without exposing keys to their entire data set.

Founded in 2015, Kapalya has been developing its software by implementing feedback from various security teams.

"I reached out and spoke with businesses of all different sizes, from all different industries to solicit feedback, gain perspective on their data protection challenges and find the best way to solve these problems," said Kapalya founder and CEO Sudesh Kumar.

Kapalya's Encryption Management Platform features at-rest and in-transit data encryption on any device, corporate server or public cloud; end-to-end encrypted file sharing; an advanced key management algorithm that destroys keys after the encrypt/decrypt functions; and a data classification engine that auto-detects sensitive data.

Kapalya hasalso partnered with Gemalto, a global cyber security solutions provider, and is using Gemalto's FIPS 140-2 compliant virtual key management server in its platform.

"Today, most businesses run hybrid IT environments with applications that are on-premise and in the cloud. In addition, most employees have shifted to mobile devices and smartphones as their primary interface to that corporate data. As a result, the new perimeter is the actual data itself wherever it is stored and wherever it moves," said Gemalto's Todd Moore, SVP, Encryption Products, Identity & Data Protection.

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