Cymulate Launches Cybersecurity Solution Aimed at MSSPs

Cymulate, a technology startup  that helps companies safeguard their business-critical assets using a breach and attack simulation platform, has launched a new product developed specifically for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

By using a range of simulated attack vectors, the platform enables MSSPs to assess whether the organizations they serve are ready to handle cybersecurity threats effectively.

According to the company, the Cymulate platform simulates the myriad tactics and strategies that hackers use to attack network and endpoint security infrastructures, and empowers businesses to validate their cyber defenses more frequently, so they know how safe they are and where they are vulnerable to cyberattacks at any given time. The SaaS-based, on-demand security assessment is available 24/7, using offensive and defensive actions to simulate multi-vector cyberattacks from an attacker’s perspective. The simulation platform shortens the usual testing cycle and speeds up time to remediation.

MSSPs are responsible for assessing vulnerabilities, detecting security breaches, and preventing cyberattacks for their partner organizations. They monitor and manage a customer’s security systems continuously to protect network infrastructure, which lets organizations maintain a strong security posture while using fewer resources. MSSPs assess a customer’s security posture prior to providing services, then verify the security posture continuously to ensure that it meets the cybersecurity service level agreement (SLA). Since it requires only one software agent within an organization and low resource consumption, the company says, the Cymulate breach and attack simulation platform is simple for MSSPs to deploy and economical to maintain.

In addition, Cymulate says, its technology further benefits MSSPs by supporting multi-tenancy (operating multiple independent instances of one or more applications in a shared environment), and by enriching the service catalog that an MSSP can provide to its new and existing customers.

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