Cytex Enables Real-Time Oversight Across an Organization and Its Partners in Latest Platform Release

Cytex, Inc., a SaaS-based, full-spectrum industry leader in cybersecurity, is unveiling the Audify Compliance Verification Platform, a real-time compliance verification platform solution providing continuous compliance attestation of the cybersecurity posture of the entire organization.

According to Cytex, Audify enables regulatory bodies and organizations to have real-time oversight of the cybersecurity posture of regulated entities, ending the reliance on self-reporting or expensive third-party point-in-time certifications.

“Traditional point-in-time or self-reporting compliance methods are limited in scope and frequency, prone to human error, and cannot capture the dynamic nature of compliance in a digital world,” said Andrew Surwilo, CEO of Cytex. “Audify transcends these limitations by offering continuous, real-time insights into an organization's compliance posture at the control level, ensuring that compliance is not just a checkbox exercise but a robust, ongoing automated process.”

The Audify platform includes: 

  • Real-Time Compliance Monitoring: Audify offers ongoing oversight, automatically detecting and alerting compliance drifts, and anomalies as they occur compared to traditional methods that only capture compliance at a moment in time.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency: Audify reduces the potential for human error and the burden on resources associated with manual compliance processes, thus improving the accuracy and efficiency of compliance programs through its automation capabilities.
  • Scalable and Customizable: Audify can be tailored to various regulatory requirements and scales to accommodate different organizational sizes and industries, from local government agencies to multinational corporations.

“Whether it’s SOC 2, HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, NIST, or FINRA compliance, with Audify, governing bodies and covered entities can now proactively manage their compliance and security, rather than retroactively addressing violations or failures,” continued Surwilo. “Our platform not only streamlines the compliance process but also embeds it within the daily operational security infrastructure, offering a comprehensive, integrated view of risks and controls. Audify delivers on the true purpose of compliance frameworks: creating an active standard of security and privacy controls within a digital ecosystem.”

Audify’s fully automated compliance monitoring system allows organizations to enjoy continuous oversight and control with a shift from retroactively addressing breaches or failures to proactively managing compliance and security.

Real-time monitoring and automated alerts provide continuous insight into compliance status, enabling immediate corrective action. 

Audify reflects Cytex's mission to streamline compliance procedures into daily operations, reframing them as more than just a checkbox exercise. The new platform will help redefine compliance, risk management, and cybersecurity with a comprehensive view of risks and controls in an ongoing daily automated process, according to the company.

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