D2iQ and Kong Inc. Collaborate to Offer Kubernetes in the Cloud

D2iQ, a provider of open enterprise-grade Kubernetes management for hybrid multi-cloud environments, is partnering with Kong Inc., the cloud connectivity company, to provide a comprehensive solution for building, deploying, and scaling cloud native applications in Day 2 operations.


“This integration between Kong and D2iQ empowers our customers to break vendor lock-in with enterprise-grade open source solutions for building services-based applications,” said Kristian Györkös, VP of alliances at Kong Inc. “By combining D2iQ’s Kubernetes management across hybrid multi-cloud clusters with the Kong service connectivity platform's ability to dynamically discover services, enterprises will accelerate the delivery of modern solutions. The joint solution is built on an open architecture that will aid customers as they transition from monolithic to service-based applications.”

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) is a complete solution that includes the technology, training, and support required to guarantee success on Day 2 and beyond, according to the vendor.

Kong has achieved certification with the DKP, ensuring seamless interoperability and integration across both platforms.

Further, Kong’s Kubernetes operator works out of the box with D2iQ for ease of deployment. The partnership provides organizations with a seamless, secure, and automated approach to deploying services-based applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“The combination of Kong’s service connectivity platform and DKP simplifies the development of cloud native applications by removing the complexity of manual cluster and API management,” said Tobi Knaup, CEO of D2iQ. “As Kubernetes adoption increases across the globe, D2iQ and Kong are providing enterprises with the building blocks to build, deploy, and grow services-based applications in the clouds of their choice.”

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