DBA InfoPower Releases New Version of Load Testing Solution

DBA InfoPower, a provider of software and services for enterprise production performance management, has introduced the latest extension in its Load Testing 2.0 solution with Load2Test ZeroDev, designed to further minimize risks associated with server, database and application load testing and production deployment. This announcement builds on DBA InfoPower's recent updated release of its Load2Test.

According to DBA InfoPower, more than one-third of organizations are unable to test their system's performance prior to production deployment. Load2Test ZeroDev, part of DBA InfoPower's Load2Test platform, provides enterprises with a new platform for load testing with authentic production data patterns and scenarios. The product helps to identify production grade bottlenecks, SLA degradations and fixes performance issues. Load2Test ZeroDev also enables the validation of changes for upgrades or installing bug patches using recorded production traffic flows and scenarios.

Load2Test load test development process automates use of recorded protocol data from system's backend and front end for load test creation, decreasing load test development time by up to 80%. A performance management system, integrated into Load2Test platform shrinks root cause analysis time by at least 50%, according to the company.

The new product requires little development expertise and users do not need to be load-testing professionals, Ron Warshawsky, CTO, DBA InfoPower, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is all done with a very minimal human effort," he says, adding that there is no need for a big team to invest time in load testing. "It literally can be done with the resources of one engineer." For more information, go here.