DBI Rolls Out pureFeat Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW V6.3

Database Brothers, Inc. (DBI) has released V6.3 of its flagship product, pureFeat Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW.

“pureFeat is very good at helping customers find real root cause problems in the database - what costs the most - the heaviest rock in the database’s backpack - because when you can get that weight out of the database’s backpack, the database can run faster,” said Scott Hayes, president and founder of DBI.

In the prior release, 6.2, said Hayes, DBI added a feature called the Advanced Index Benefit Analysis, said Hayes. Once pureFeat has identified the SQL that is causing the database the most harm, then adding one or more indexes can often provide an ideal solution. The analysis looks at the indexes that are recommended by the IBM DB2 Design Advisor and in an automated fashion tells the customer what each of those steps is worth individually, said Hayes.  “Sometimes, just one or two indexes are really important and the others may not add that much value."

Version 6.3 of pureFeat Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW takes that benefit even further, said Hayes, by adding a Predictive Index Impact Analysis capability that looks at the entire workload to understand the impact of adding the proposed indexes.

“Sometimes, DBAs add an index to solve a problem and solve more problems than they expected. It is great when that happens because they wind up fixing more things than they had planned on,” said Hayes. “That is the upside of this analysis,” he explained because not only can DBAs fix the problem that they set out to but they may also solve other problems, and through the analysis they can also see which statements will stay the same and which will degrade. Once you have all this knowledge about the consequences of the indexes that you intend to create, you can take all that information and approach the Change Control process with confidence, knowing what benefit you expect and where.”

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