DBI Software Announces New IBM DB2 LUW Performance Tool Releases with New Features and Support for DB2 10

DBI, a software company providing database performance management tools, has announced Brother-Panther version 5.2.  The new release of the performance monitoring, tuning, and trending tool incorporates several new customer requested enhancements, lower overhead, support for DB2 10, and support for the z/Linux operating system.

A key enhancement in Brother-Panther 5.2 is that the tool now not only automatically tracks database configuration and index changes, but also gives DBAs the ability to manually log important events external to the database such as hardware changes or application releases, Scott Hayes, president and CEO of DBI, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

These events are plotted on trend charts alongside database changes that are automatically captured with the result that users are given a more comprehensive view of the full impacts of all environmental changes, Hayes explains. And, when comparing database and SQL workload performance between any two timeframes, the tool can provide a PDF report summarizing all changes that occurred between the compared timeframes. The combined capabilities, Hayes says, give users a more comprehensive picture of changes that have been made and whether they resulted in improved or decreased performance.

The latest release of the platform also supports DB2 for LUW on z/Linux. DBI says its research shows that production use of DB2 for LUW on z/Linux is growing at nearly 40% of installations as opposed to only 10% a year ago.

Additionally, says Hayes, there is support for DB2 10 because DBI wanted to be ready for early adopter customers moving to the latest release announced by IBM in April 2012.  With DBI's comparison technology, the company says, DB2 LUW customers will be able to accurately measure the performance impacts of upgrading from DB2 V9 to DB2 10, and also address any performance concerns that arise due to new optimizer methods.

Brother-Panther 5.2 will be generally available on May 23, 2012. DBI will be at the IDUG Denver Conference May 14-18, Booth #201.  For more information, go to