DBI Software Offers Web Performance Suite Version 8

DBI Software, a provider of performance monitoring, tuning, and trending tools for IBM Db2 LUW and SQL Server databases, is releasing version 8 of its Database Performance Web Suite and collector.

Version 8 of the Web Suite, the collector, and the classic tools includes many new features and enhancements such as ability to search for all columns in the chooser, new view to show Db error log messages in real time, and more.

Highlights of the new release include showing a list of table scans (Db2), showing a list of recommended indexes for the entire workload, the ability to do Predictive Index Impact Analysis on a recommended index, provide database commands to fix the issues when relevant, errors found in the SQL Server error log (SQL Server), rules are shown by Rule type, real time current transaction log usage by user and application, system resources now show for each partition or pureScale member.

A new settings menu has been added to the Left menu Bar to show all database setting views. Reports now include statements with degraded performance over a 30-day period and gives database size growth forecasting.

Collector’s updates include enhanced user and application performance, a new DBI statement concentrator, support for TLS connections, enhanced support for database types: Simple, HADR, DPF Logical and Physical, pureScale, restartable repository upgrades, Log4j version upgrade, and several performance improvements.

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