DBI Unveils Web Performance Suite Version 7

DBI Software, a provider of best-in-class performance monitoring, tuning, and trending tools for IBM Db2 LUW and SQL Server databases, has announced the release of version 7 of its Database Performance Web Suite.

Version 7 supports both Db2 and SQL Server databases and includes many new features including customization of dashboards, report scheduling, custom flags, and faster explain and index design.

Highlights of the new release include overview page customization, overview page filtering by repository, an online help manual, and report exports to CSV or PDF files. In addition, the release also features new capabilities for report scheduling and delivery, reporting on the highest CPU statements, reporting on long-running statements, the ability to view application statistics by partition, time zone sensitive views, and custom naming of follow up flags. Moreover, capabilities for refresh rate saved for all real-time views and faster explain and index design are included in the new release.

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