DBI pureFeat V6.1 for IBM DB2 LUW Improves Visibility into Database Performance Issues

DBI Software has introduced pureFeat V6.1 Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW which adds two key new capabilities for Stored Procedure Visibility and insight into Current Activity Functions.

Stored Procedure Visibility

“Stored procedures are becoming increasingly popular but figuring out what is going inside those stored procedures can be very difficult to do,” explained Scott Hayes, president and founder of DBI Software. Through ordinary performance monitoring, the database will show that it called a stored procedure and what it cost to call that stored procedure, but it is very hard to get a breakdown of the work that happened inside the procedure, said Hayes. “It is kind of like a black box.”

With Stored Procedure Visibility, he said, DBI is “taking the lid off” the black box. DBI pureFeat V6.1 allows users to see what’s inside costly procedure calls - summarizing all of the procedures and their costs, as well as allowing users to drill down and see the SQL statements within a called stored procedure and their respective costs and key metrics.   “This is much better information for performance problem termination for those organizations that are working with stored procedures,” said Hayes.

Current Activity Functions

For Current Activity Functions, DBI pureFeat V6.1 now allows users to quickly answer the question, “What’s happening right now?” a question which Hayes says, typically surfaces when it is critical to solve a database performance problem quickly.

“We added a lot of functionality and capability so that our customers could very quickly and intelligently answer that question. We are presenting top SQL by CPU consumption, I/O consumption, or elapsed time. We are presenting the top connections to the database and their activity and their SQL and any locks that they might be holding,” Hayes noted.

In addition, the “right now” capability people are most interested in is the lock contention map. Figuring out locks in a database can be a difficult thing to do, but the new lock contention map visually presents the locking relationships so a DBA can either decide to let the person holding the lock continue or terminate that connection to the database. “Nobody else in the DB2 LUW performance monitoring is doing this,” said Hayes.

DBI pureFeat 6.1 Availability

DBI pureFeat 6.1 adds additional improvements, and over 20 refinements. The new release is a free upgrade for DBI Software’s annual clients.

DBI pureFeat V6.1 supports IBM DB2 LUW release V9.5 and higher.  To use some of the new Stored Procedure Visibility and Current Activity functionality, DB2 V9.7 or higher is required.  DBI pureFeat V6.1 supports IBM DB2 BLU V10.5.

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