DBMaestro TeamWork Now Supports SQL Server and Oracle

DBmaestro, a provider of DevOps solutions, has added support for SQL Server in addition to Oracle databases in its flagship database change management solution TeamWork.

DBmaestro enables development collaboration by providing database enforced change management (DECM) which eliminates out-of-process changes and enables Agile and Database Continuous Delivery methodologies. It also reduces operational risk by providing safe deployment automation, and alerting in case of automation conflicts, enhanced and reinforced security and fostering regulatory compliance.

Supporting best practices for DECM, TeamWork aims to improve a developer's productivity by simplifying and combining the development and version control process into a single process.

“This is a major milestone for DBmaestro,” said Yariv Tabac, CEO of DBmaestro. “We are now entering a large new market of companies, especially small to mid-size businesses, which use SQL Server as their database platform, in addition to our existing clients who use both Oracle and SQL Server. Our DECM solution will now also allow SQL server users to massively reduce deployment costs by reducing the men hours required to generate, test, and update the database delta scripts.”