DBSophic Announces Qure for SQL Server V1.2

DBSophic, a Jerusalem, Israel-developer and marketer of software products for automatic identification and resolution of performance problems related to database systems, has released version 1.2 of its flagship product Qure, a solution for SQL Server database performance optimization.

Qure uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the root causes of slow database performance, and according to DBSophic, unlike other products does not focus on performance issue symptoms but instead concentrates on resolving the root issues that cause the poor performance, providing easily applicable, detailed recommendations for DBAs and developers.

The new release, Qure V1.2 performs faster, contains additional rewrite models, improved indexing and schema algorithms and an enhanced rewrite script previewer.

"Any organization with an application that uses SQL Server 2005/2008 in its data layer can benefit from using Qure to optimize performance. This is true whether you are experiencing urgent, critical performance bottlenecks or if you want to preemptively address performance issues," Ami Levin, CTO, DBSophic, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Qure offers automatic analysis, recommendations and solutions generation, and its holistic artificial intelligence algorithms produce highly effective recommendations, according to Levin. Additionally, the solution provides auto-generated fixing code to solve the root causes of the performance issues across all categories of indexing, query rewrites, programming objects, schema changes and more; as well as automatic benchmark capabilities that measure the full effect of recommendations. Qure provides an automatic benchmark feature that measures the performance impact of applying the recommendations, and an automatic apply feature to simplify implementation on either the production database or for QA purposes.

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