DBSophic Introduces Free Solution for Analyzing and Comparing Database Workloads

DBSophic, a provider of performance management products for database-centric applications, has announced a new free solution to help SQL Server DBAs identify and trouble-shoot database performance problems. The product, Qure Workload Analyzer, analyzes database workloads comprised of one or more SQL traces and provides DBAs with deep, intelligent analysis. An intuitive graphical interface and multi-dimensional grouping, sorting and filtering make it easy to identify and analyze performance bottlenecks.

"Trying to get to the bottom of a performance issue by examining raw trace data can be a very tedious task, even for experienced DBAs. There are tools available to help, but too often they provide only a partial picture," Ami Levin, DBSophic's CTO and SQL Server MVP, explains. "We built Workload Analyzer to provide clear, immediate answers to every conceivable question regarding the workload. For example, 'which user consumed the most CPU between 10:00 and 11:00 on Monday, and what applications was he running?' "

Qure Workload Analyzer also enables the comparison of two different database workloads. "Very often, DBAs are faced with the challenge of quantifying the true effect of a particular change to a production database. By comparing the 'before' and 'after' workloads, Workload Analyzer can reveal the impact of a hardware change, version upgrade, or tuning effort," Levin adds.

Qure Workload Analyzer is being launched as a free product for the benefit of the SQL Server community worldwide, according to the company. It is part of the Qure product suite that also includes Qure Workload Optimizer, the first workload tuning solution for SQL Server.

Qure Workload Analyzer (beta) may be downloaded from DBSophic's website.