DBTA Reader’s Choice Awards Crowns Best MV Solutions

Each year, Database Trends and Applications magazine presents the Readers’ Choice Awards, recognizing leading vendors across a variety of segments in the IT industry. Unlike any other awards programs conducted by DBTA, this one is unique because the nominees are submitted and the winners are chosen by the experts—you, the readers.

MultiValue is one of the most established and trusted data technologies. It began in 1965 with Don Nelson and Dick Pick widely credited as the founding fathers of the technology. MultiValue remains a major part of the data landscape today and plays a major role in the industries of retail, travel industry, oil & gas, healthcare, government, banking, and education.

This year, three MultiValue database products were chosen as the best of the pack - Rocket D3, Rocket UniVerse, and Revelation Software’s OpenInsight.

Over the years, MultiValue technology has maintained its base of strong advocates despite strong trend toward relational database management systems. And, now with an expanding appreciation for polyglot persistence, or put more simply, the selection of the best tool for the job, there is a growing recognition that different data management systems offer different benefits and that some are better suited for certain requirements than others.

Rocket D3 and mvBase solutions are powerful development environments designed for business-critical transactional and analytical database applications.

Rocket UniVerse tools provide intuitive database design and high performance data access, combining NoSQL data access, storage, and management capabilities across Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

The OpenInsight application development suite is made up of a number of distinct modules that all integrate to provide Windows application developers with a single complete toolset and technologies that enable this to be extended to other technologies as required.