DBTA Webcast Examining Top Trends in Business Intelligence Available On-Demand

A recent webcast presented by DBTA and Tableau Software on the Top Trends in Business Intelligence in 2013 is now available on-demand.

Unisphere Research analyst Joe McKendrick made the case that by now it is well accepted that the ability to leverage data and analytics can be a critical game-changer for organizations, perhaps more so than even pricing or product innovation. However, too often the power of analytics is still not accessible across a broad enough range of enterprise users make that strong impact.

McKendrick showcased four converging trends in IT – the need for visual analytics to make it easier and faster for more users to gain insights; the need to better leverage insights from unstructured data; the ability of cloud technologies to better support BI data and tools in a cost-effective way; and mobile access.

Tableau executive Suzanne L. Hoffman also explained what the trends mean for organizations. Certain types of visualizations are highly effective today in light of the  the extraordinary quantity of data that now exists, she pointed out. Presenting a range of visualizations that can be extremely helpful, Hoffman observed that although spreadsheets may still be the medium of choice, they may not deliver what is needed quickly enough to users who can't add up the numbers fast enough.

Access the webcast now.