DBTA Webcast: Hadoop and Your Enterprise Data Warehouse” – February 25 at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET

From offloading to preprocessing, Hadoop is enabling the analysis of new data sources and also changing the value equation of maintaining an active archive containing all of an organization’s data. Still, the enterprise data warehouse is here to stay as a source of integrated data. The future of both platforms boils down to when to use which, and how to use both effectively to expand your analytical capabilities.

Join DBTA for a special roundtable webcast, “Hadoop and Your Enterprise Data Warehouse,” on Wednesday, February 25, at 11 am PT/ 2pm ET. Presenters will include Kevin Petrie, senior director, Attunity; George Corugedo, chief technology officer and co-founder, RedPoint Global; and Nitin Bandugula, senior product marketing manager, MapR.

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