DBTA Webcast Uncovers Top Database Availability Trends for 2014

In a recent DBTA webcast, TransLattice and NuoDB discuss the top database availability trends for 2014. According to Robert Ross, architect and director of research at TransLattice, the top data management issues for IT executives are providing business continuity at a reasonable cost, deploying applications in multiple geographies consistently, and the continued ability to use SQL. “A lot of places are currently less than satisfied with the strategies they have in place in order to meet these somewhat conflicting needs,” said Ross.

Most organizations will experience an unplanned outage in the next year. These outages can be lengthy, expensive and a typical replication and disaster recovery approached may not be the ideal answer. “Overall, many of these outages and issues can be mitigates if geographically distributed computing was in place,” Ross explained.

Seth Proctor, chief technology officer at NuoDB believes that there are four top trends right now. These trends include: Active-active, geo-distributed, on-demand and agile nature and heterogeneous, commodity and platform-neutral. Proctor also mentioned a fifth bonus trend - data redundancy.

According to Proctor, what people want today is a distributed database. “What you want is something that at its heart, in its DNA is designed to be a distributed system.”  People are demanding that the databases they are deploying embrace this kind of distributed model.

“NuoDB is a distributed database at its heart with a complete rethink of what a relational database should look like,” explained Proctor. NuoDB provides elastic scale, continuous availability and it is also geo-distributed database.

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