DBmaestro Improves Platform to Support Smooth Integration with Different Sources of Database Changes

DBmaestro, a provider of DevOps for Database solutions, is unveiling an updated version of its TeamWork platform, improving its ability to support seamless integration with all sources of database changes.

Version 5.1 includes dozens of security upgrades and improvements to integrations with solutions such as Jira, Jenkins, and CA Release Automation.

DBmaestro’s DevOps for Database solution offers a well-rounded approach to the database development life cycle, providing enterprises the ability to deliver changes faster.

DBmaestro version 5.1 enhances interoperability which empowers customers to turn any existing change process into a stable, predictable and reliable release automation process.

Any update package or database update script can be managed by DBmaestro’s release automation solution and leverage its risk evading smart validators and drift detectors before and after deployments.

TeamWork provides support for smart deployments between different environments, labels and user stories, as well as support for rollbacks in case of need.

"With the increased need to improve time to market, budget tightening and tolerances for database downtime approaching zero, companies of all shapes and sizes are ready to make a change when it comes to implementing continuous delivery for the database," said Yaniv Yehuda, DBmaestro's co-founder and CTO. "With our new upgrade, DBmaestro is allowing customers to substantially improve the performance, scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency of their DevOps for database solution."

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