DBmaestro Releases TeamWork V. 4.5 with Support for SQL Server

DBmaestro, a provider of DevOps for database solutions, has introduced TeamWork 4.5, which adds impact analysis for database deployment with SQL Server, providing end-to-end continuous delivery to SQL Server, in addition to existing support for Oracle databases.

When groups of business professionals all work on the same database there is the possibility of the data being altered in numerous ways. This can cause stress on an IT department, especially within larger enterprise organizations. The new version of DBmaestro’s flagship product, Teamwork, helps organizations eliminate the number of potential risks threatening database development and deployment. TeamWork, a database enforced change management (DECM) solution, supports Agile team collaboration by enforcing change policy and best practices.      

According to DBmaestro, having a database hosted on one shared server for all of the business users within one organization can cause coding issues if all of the employees are not coordinating their efforts. For example, one user can write code for the database when another user is simultaneously writing code for the same area of the database. Because the database is not able to process both users’ requests, one set of code will be written over the other set.

Another issue TeamWork addresses is in the area of database deployments. TeamWork uses baselines in the impact analysis, thus making the nature of the change known and allowing users to make better decisions. Making a change to a database is more difficult because it is not as simple as copy and pasting SQL scripts. Databases also contain schema structure, code, content, meta-content, and internal dependencies that must be strictly followed by all users, or the data could be compromised. “When this is in the context of automation, the impact analysis is aimed at ‘stopping the line.’ There is a need to understand the reason for the change, where it is coming from, and having the ability to fix it right away,” explained Yaniv Yehuda, co-founder and CTO of DBmaestro.  TeamWork is able to view the database environment and ensure all of the processes for that environment are being performed correctly within an organization’s data environment.

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