DH2i Launches Free  Developer Editions of DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey

DH2i, a provider of multi-platform software defined perimeter and smart availability software, has announced the launch of developer editions of its DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey software, with free licenses for non-production use and trials.

DxEnterprise enables users to manage and ensure high availability for a variety of workloads such as SQL Server at the instance level—as well as SQL Server availability groups inside or outside containers. Users will enjoy seamless workload mobility from any host to any host, anywhere.

DxOdyssey enables users to build lightweight, scalable and highly secure connections between on-premises, remote, edge, and/or cloud environments across Windows and Linux, as well as extend these capabilities to IoT deployments.

“No IT manager wants to face an outage and manage the fallout during business hours, let alone be woken at 2 a.m. to deal with it. An outage is painful and expensive?potentially costing thousands per minute of downtime, and further impacting intangibles like long-term brand reputation,” said Don Boxley, CEO and co-founder, DH2i. “The free DxEnterprise Developer Edition will enable users to see—and actually experience—how they can ensure that their business applications will remain operational no matter what happens.”

“Likewise, a security breach can cost hundreds of thousands, even millions?especially when ransomware demands are involved. And a cyberattack can also lead to significant legal and regulatory compliance issues, as well as a hit to brand trust,” Boxley continued. “The free DxOdyssey Developer Edition will enable users to experience how this ‘unVPN’ solution ensures seamless and secure, zero trust access to and sharing of data, from anywhere, at any time.”

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