Dashlane and Intel Collaborate to Enhance Password Protection

Dashlane, a provider of online identity management software, is collaborating with Intel to deploy Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX) technology with Dashlane's password manager.

According to the vendors, massive security breaches dominated the headlines in 2016, and as a result, consumers and businesses are more concerned than ever about cybersecurity risks.

With this announcement, Dashlane is providing support for Intel Software Guard Extensions, a security technology built into the latest Intel Core processors.

Dashlane offers a password manager with a patented security architecture. A user's data is safeguarded by their master password - the key that unlocks all of their data locally on their device. This password, which Dashlane says is required to be a mix of at least eight characters, is not stored on any Dashlane servers and no Dashlane employee ever has access to it. Dashlane also encrypts all data with AES-256 and hosts it on Amazon's AWS.

This backend technology provides Dashlane users with security and the addition of Intel SGX will provide an extra layer of hardware-based protection, the vendors say. When combined with Dashlane, Intel SGX can be used to protect the user's data and seal them to the device, even if a hacker did export data to another machine.

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