Data Center Standards Group Begins Certification Program Roll Out

The Open IX Association (OIX), a neutral, non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center interconnection and internet exchanges in North America, announced that it has begun the application process for OIX certification, starting in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia market.

“The interest in OIX has been tremendous and companies are quickly seeking ways to adapt to the cata center and IXP standards set forth by the association,” said Martin Hannigan, co-founder and treasurer of Open IX Association. “Industry executives and engineers alike are eager to standardize the way they operate in order to streamline the process and provide for efficiencies, resiliency and transparency across the global internet.”

The application process is the initial step to becoming an OIX-certified data center or internet exchange point (IXP). To initiate the process, applicants submit a deposit and processing fee along with their preferred designation as an Open IX Data Center or IXP.

After the application is accepted, data centers and IXPs are expected to review and comply with the OIX technical requirements by completing and submitting a detailed compliance report. The application process is the first step required to become a technically certified OIX company and is different from basic membership in the association.

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