Data Center World 2024 Conference Kicks Off in April   

Data Center World, a leading global conference for data center facilities and IT professionals, is debuting the 2024 conference program, which offers keynote presentations, panel discussions and case studies focused on emerging IT and data center technologies; design, build, operate, control; colocation, hyperscale, and cloud innovation; and sustainability strategies, from power to recycling. 

Data Center World is AFCOM’s annual gathering of IT and data center professionals. Data Center World 2024 takes place April 15-18 in Washington, DC. Register here

“I am excited to officially announce our first batch of sessions for Data Center World 2024. We've worked hard to reflect on the critical transformation we are seeing in the industry today and at Data Center World you'll hear discussions on AI, data center design, sustainability, and strategies to impact a quickly evolving market. Attendees will learn about all-new, yet-to-be-published energy report to Congress, new solutions around power design, how to modernize facilities to support high-density compute, and how we should re-think the economics of the modern data center. Attendees will feel the pulse of the industry throughout all of our sessions, along with inspiration, education, and connection,” said Bill Kleyman, data center and technology executive, board member, Data Center World program chair and Data Center Knowledge contributing editor. 

Data Center World conference program sessions include: 

  • 2024 Report to Congress on U.S. Data Center Energy Use  
  • ARPA-E Coolerchips - Cooling Compute Systems Efficiently, Anytime, Anywhere  
  • Are We Over the Edge? 
  • Automating The Data Lifecycle: How to Maximize Your AI Investment in The Data Center  
  • Bring Your Own Power: The Future of IT / Infrastructure Energy  
  • Can You Handle the Heat? Cooling Considerations for ML/DL/AI  
  • Case Study in Design and Construction of AI Data Centers  
  • Colocation Bootcamp: User's Guide to COLO Essentials, Trends and Planning  
  • Constraints, Opportunities, and the Pursuit of Net Zero Data Centers  
  • Data Center 101 - An Updated Masterclass in Digital Infrastructure Design in The Modern Era (AI Now Included!) 
  • Data Center Growth Over 25%: Who Will Operate Them?  
  • Education and Internships: Attracting Tomorrow's Data Center Talent 
  • From Chaos to Coordination: Data Center Operations Tales 
  • Grid Integration & Speed to Market: New Utility Collaboration Frameworks  
  • How to Truly Integrate Your Supply Chain 
  • Innovating DC Infrastructure for AI At Scale 
  • Integrated Nuclear Energy and Data Centers as Virtual Power Plants 
  • Lessons Learned from a Data Center Incident 
  • Lower Emissions, Higher Reliability: Microgrids as Diesel Backup Alternatives 
  • Meeting Growing Energy Demands by Coupling Nuclear Plants with Data Centers 
  • Navigating Policy and Public Perception for Data Centers 
  • Navigating The Path to Hourly 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy in Data Centers 
  • Not Is or When, But How to Enable High-Density AI Now! - Historic Transformation at Hyperspeed 
  • Options for Data Center Waste Heat Mixed Use Campus Settings 
  • Reliability for Data Centers. What Is It? 
  • Scoping Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
  • The Future of Data Center Cooling  
  • The Ultimate DCIM and Management Leadership Workshop: 8th Edition 
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Data Centers through Grid Services  
  • Upskilling Operations: Putting People First 
  • Women in the Data Center Workshop: Cultivating your Authentic Leadership Style  

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