Data Encryption Solutions for AWS Now Available from AFORE

AFORE Solutions, Inc., a provider of cloud security and encryption management solutions, has launched data encryption solutions for Amazon Web Services. The new portfolio of Amazon Web Services (AWS) security solutions enables customers to take control of securing sensitive data within AWS.  

The security suite is designed to help accelerate customer adoption of the AWS cloud platform by protecting sensitive data and targeting enterprise customers and service providers planning to offer Encryption as a Service. “For customers to move forward and embrace the benefits of the Amazon cloud they want a solution like AFORE so they can encrypt their data and protect it,” explained Mike Byrnes, director of product marketing, AFORE.  

AFORE’s data security suite, built for the cloud and virtualized environments, delivers powerful data protection that eliminates traditional cost and complexity barriers. “There are some unique capabilities and approaches AFORE brings to the market with our solutions and one of the most import ones is key control,” said Byrnes. Customers want to ensure that they hold the keys so that their private data is properly protected. 

“AFORE has made deploying data encryption very simple, simple for administrators and virtually transparent to end users,” Byrnes said. AFORE has produced a number of Amazon Machine Interface’s (AMI), a way to package a particular piece of software and make it very easy for people to deploy that software, build out the solution and pay for the solution leveraging the Amazon web services environment.

AFORE's data encryption solutions are easy to deploy in both AMI virtual machines and Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) deployment models.

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