Data Governance is Key Focus of Latest SAP EIM Upgrades

SAP is making updates to its enterprise information management (EIM) portfolio that help reduce data landscape complexities by expanding data connectivity and source support.

New updates to the SAP Master Data Governance and SAP Agile Data Preparation applications and SAP Data Services software deliver modern and comprehensive capabilities to help enterprises power the entire data governance and data management cycle with ease, trust and security, according to the company.

"SAP solutions for enterprise information management deliver information excellence by enabling customers to better understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, associate and archive data to optimize business processes and analytical insights," said Ken Tsai, global vice president, database & data management at SAP. "Updates to SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Agile Data Preparation and SAP Data Services help companies run a successful digital business with complete, trusted and relevant data."

SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 1809 includes innovations across key disciplines such as data consolidation, central governance, mass processing, process analytics, and master data quality management.

With master data quality management, customers can manage rules creation, conduct data quality analysis, and remediate issues found.

Key SAP solutions for EIM now have expanded connectivity to SAP Data Hub 2.3, a next-generation data orchestration solution, including dedicated connections from any SAP Data Services data source to provision data for distributed processing.

Enhanced interoperability and connectivity between SAP Data Hub, SAP Agile Data Preparation and SAP Information Steward software give business users access to data repositories to discover, access and run data transformations.

SAP solutions for EIM including SAP HANA smart data integration, SAP HANA smart data quality, and SAP Agile Data Preparation can now ingest the advanced data protection capabilities in SAP HANA with data anonymization and column encryption.

SAP HANA smart data integration is now available as part of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to provide a simpler way to extract, transform and load data from remote sources into instances of SAP HANA.

An enhanced Hadoop integrator is provided, with support for Knox Gateway and Kerberos authentication protocol, that securely measures, monitors and cleanses data quality across SAP and non-SAP data sources. Additionally, SAP Agile Data Preparation has added sophisticated machine-learning capabilities to help users automate data management actions.

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