Data Intensity Unveils New Cloud-Based Analytics

Designed to help enterprises overcome the obstacles commonly hindering data initiatives, Analytics1, an end-to-end, cloud-based analytics and business intelligence solution, is now available from Data Intensity.

According to the company, Analytics1 takes the complexity out of implementing and supporting a multi-tool, multi-skill set solution and eliminates the burden of building and maintaining data infrastructures – enabling organizations to focus on serving customers, optimizing operations and growing their businesses.

“When looking to launch our enterprise analytics platform, we recognized that having a single private cloud for both data storage and analytics provided many benefits over solutions that are spread across data centers and providers,” said Eric Duell, vice president, Analytics and Intelligence at The E.W. Scripps Company.  “We have our data, tools, and analytics applications all in one place, and Data Intensity manages the environment for us – from licenses, to new installs, to patching and upgrades – all on a fixed monthly budget.”

The solution includes Analytics Services to address the skills shortages and supply enterprises with expert data analysis for a defined period of time or on an ongoing basis, depending upon an enterprise’s needs, as well as Visualization Services to equip organizations with a visualization service desk, featuring cutting-edge Tableau, Oracle and Microsoft technologies.

In addition, Data Architecture Services (ETL/MDM) deliver expertise to architect an organization’s access to data, such as data modeling, data warehouse development and data migration to ETL and master data management using technologies such as Microsoft SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator, RapidMiner and Oracle Data Modeler tools, among others.

Finally, Application and Database Management in the cloud or on premise supports Oracle EBS, Hyperion, OBIEE and PeopleSoft to Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Postgres and MariaDB databases as well as middleware and the storage and server infrastructure.

“Data projects are failing and it all comes down to complexity, capacity and capability,” according to John Bostick, president of Data Intensity’s Analytics Division.  “Analytics1 is a first-of-its kind offering because it takes on all three of these issues by providing a complete, cloud-based analytics solution at a competitive monthly cost.”

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