Data Management Improvements to Oracle Marketing Cloud Help Organizations Connect to Customers

Oracle has made enhancements to the data management platform within the Oracle Marketing Cloud to better help customers define, select, count, and deliver audience IDs based on the user’s environment.

Enabled by the Oracle ID Graph, organizations can create audience segments tied to the customer across devices, channels, media environments, and ID spaces.

The enhancements address the challenges that marketers and publishers are facing as consumers increasingly interact with brands across a range of devices and environments by making it easier to pinpoint consumer IDs from different platforms and devices and gain a holistic view of individuals.

The enhancements Oracle has made to the Audience Builder user interface within the Oracle Data Management Platform help organizations visualize and manage the ID source, with planned functionality to link these audiences via a self-service UI through the Oracle ID Graph.

The new user interface makes it easier for customers to manage and select ID types in order to identify, build, plan, and analyze audiences based on the device or platform within which the ID was originally created.

In the future, the next iteration of the platform will further enable cross-device marketing by bridging IDs and scoring linkages between those IDs, accelerating the convergence of adtech and martech within and outside of the Oracle technology stack.

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