Data Management Startup Okera Emerges from Stealth with $14.6 Million in Funding

Okera has launched out of stealth mode with $14.6 million in funding to address the gap in data management across heterogeneous data stores and formats. The company seeks to give data producers, consumers, and stewards a unified platform for unlocking the power of their data while not compromising on governance or compliance.

Of the $14.6 million, $12 million was added by a Series A funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Existing investors Felicis Ventures and Capital One Growth Ventures, as well as Menlo Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners also participated in the round. Ethan Kurzweil, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Wesley Chan, managing director at Felicis Ventures, joined Okera’s Board of Directors.

With the general availability of its first product, the Okera Active Data Access Platform, Okera says it solves one of the most challenging data management problems facing the enterprise today as organizations strive to be more data-driven and agile while supporting evolving data privacy and regulatory requirements.

Okera allows data teams to have a unified way to actively manage data in a flexible and agile manner with finer granularity and overall greater visibility into how data is being used. Its Active Data Access Platform sits in between large data lakes and analytics tools and frameworks as an enterprise-wide platform that facilitates the provisioning, accessing, governing and auditing of data across multi-cloud, multi-data format and multi-tool environments. It ensures data platform teams maintain data protection at scale while data scientists and analysts achieve faster time to access, eliminating the trade-off between agility and governance.

“We’re not a security or governance company; we are a data management company for modern data platforms. We believe companies should have the ability to innovate while also maintaining proper data governance. There can be a more scalable way to address access, governance, quality and lifecycle management across heterogeneous, decentralized data platforms. This empowers all data consumers, owners and stewards to have a unified way to interact with data for use regardless of their environment,” said Amandeep Khurana, Okera co-founder and CEO.

Okera  says its customers include Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. In addition to the funding news, Okera announced an enterprise customer win with Capital One.

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