Data Quality Software Vendor Completes Certification with New Postal Requirements

Melissa Data Corp, a developer of data quality and address management solutions, today announced completion of CASS Cycle N certification.  Certification of Melissa's software comes months ahead of the USPS July 31, 2011 expiration of CASS Cycle M.  In order to continue to qualify for postal automation discounts, CASS vendors must deliver CASS Cycle N to their customers beginning May 1, 2011.  With CASS Cycle N, SuiteLink, a USPS product that improves mail delivery by adding known secondary information (suite numbers) to business addresses, will be required for processing.

For years, mailers have depended on local post office knowledge to deliver mail or packages even if there was an incomplete address, but when the CASS Cycle N requirement goes into effect, mail without that secondary information will be kicked back from mail processing centers as undeliverable and not even get into the hands of the local postal carrier, Greg Brown, director of marketing, Melissa Data, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  It is important for mailers to be cognizant that, starting in August, that secondary information will be required as part of any postal discounts, and also for deliverability, Brown explains.

In addition, Melissa Data has a product that provides the same type of information, but for residential addresses, notes Brown. Melissa Data's address verification software will append known apartment numbers to residential addresses using a proprietary add-on called AddressPlus. AddressPlus is compiled from multiple business and residential sources and is a unique, complimentary add-on to Melissa Data's Address Object, WebSmart address verifier service and MAILERS+4 postal automation software. AddressPlus works concurrently with SuiteLink to increase the number of mail pieces delivered, on time, to the intended recipient.

By providing Melissa customers with this CASS Cycle N certification ahead of schedule, they will be assured of benefiting from applicable postal discounts, says Brown. "It gives our customers peace of mind that we are well ahead of the schedule for the certification, and there aren't going to be any last-minute software changes that need to be made."

For more information or free trials of Melissa Data's address verification and mail preparation solutions, go here.