Data Replication: Attunity Announces New SaaS Solution for AWS S3

Attunity CloudBeam, Attunity’s recently introduced SaaS platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS), has expanded its services to provide a new data replication-as-a-service solution for AWS' Simple Storage Service (S3). Currently available for testing, the service provides replication and synchronization of big data stored in S3 across AWS cloud regions to enable business-critical initiatives, including disaster recovery, backup and data distribution.

In July, Attunity announced that it had become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner and launched CloudBeam, a software as a service (SaaS) platform designed to deliver high performance solutions for moving big data in, out and across AWS cloud data centers quickly and easily. Attunity CloudBeam is built to support business-critical initiatives, including disaster recovery and big data analytics.

According to Attunity, the new service addresses the need by AWS customers for a data replication-as-a-service solution that is tightly integrated with S3 to enable high-performance data distribution, backup and disaster recovery affordably, and is designed to ensure that information availability in the cloud is quick, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable for AWS customers.

The new service is significant for two main reasons, Matt Benati, vice president of global marketing, Attunity, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Should a particular region have an interruption of service, if a company’s data has been replicated to a different region, then the organization can still gain access to that information in the cloud.

The other reason, he notes, is related to better performance and lower latency. For example, if a company is in the U.S. and its data is sitting in the cloud in the Japan region, it will have much higher latency and appear slower to it than if it had its information on one of the U.S. staged regions, he explains. As a result, organizations replicate data around the world so that their global installations have the same performance as any other of their installations. “Amazon Web Services has a replication capability but it is far less efficient and performant than ours and this is one of the reasons that AWS is so happy to have this capability,” Benati notes.

Automated, fully-managed, and “pay-as-you-use,” the new Attunity CloudBeam service for S3 efficiently replicates files and folders, and features parallelized and elastic data transfer to maximize use of bandwidth; configurable scheduling to ensure predictable information availability; high performance data transfer optimized to move large objects and large numbers of objects; delta replication using comparative snapshot technology (CST) to minimize data that needs to be transferred; and fast set up with ‘Click-2-Replicate’ configuration, and no server or appliance setup required.

More information about Attunity CloudBeam is available from Attunity.