DataCore FileFly 4.0 Streamlines Data Center Efficiency with Automated File Migration to Object Storage and Public Clouds

DataCore Software has announced the global availability of DataCore FileFly 4.0, a policy-based file tiering solution that helps enterprises automate the migration of historical data and achieve more agile IT architectures. FileFly helps organizations offload seldom-used files from expensive primary storage and continuously migrate this data to lower-cost object storage or hybrid or public cloud architectures.

Historical data can quickly consume available file servers and network-attached storage (NAS) resources. At the same time, the continuous backup of inactive files for ransomware protection can consume backup resources.  To cope, IT teams must either purchase costly high-end NAS devices – if today’s persistent supply chain delays allow – or impact end users with potential downtime and poor performance when files are manually redistributed among more machines.  

FileFly’s automated cleanup frees up room for more critical, frequently accessed data and reduces backup windows and capacity. On average, the solution helps customers to free up 50%-80% of file space and reclaim it for higher priority data.  IT teams save time and avoid laborious and disruptive data migrations or archiving, while avoiding backups of files that have been migrated to object storage.

IT organizations preferring to keep their data on-prem can utilize DataCore Swarm Object Storage as the target offload destination. Swarm offers massive scalability, durability and immutability to safeguard files and protect against cyberattacks. When enterprises choose to deploy workloads to hybrid or public clouds, FileFly can tier to S3-compatible cloud storage, including AWS, Azure, Google, and Wasabi?without disrupting Windows applications that are incompatible with the S3 protocol and otherwise would require a redesign. Should migrated files need to be accessed again, FileFly recalls its file contents to the original file server without IT intervention, making it quick and easy for applications and users to find them. Migrated files remain accessible from the same folder where they were first stored; they are simply listed as offline, occupying zero bytes on disk until needed.

“Enterprises can't waste valuable time or budget on under-performing computing infrastructures when automated technology can so readily free them to achieve better capacity optimization," said Abhijit Dey, chief product officer at DataCore. "DataCore FileFly and its automated data tiering technology is an easy to implement solution to achieve low-cost, scalable, long-term data retention and help keep data centers running at top efficiency.”

FileFly 4.0 is available from DataCore-authorized partners worldwide and priced based on terabytes (TBs) migrated from source file servers and NAS devices to object or cloud storage. Data assessments to size resources saved and cost reductions are available at no charge by visiting