DataDirect Networks Collaborates with SQream

DataDirect Networks (DDN) is partnering with SQream to deliver real-time Big Data analytics solutions and accelerate business decision making.

The combination of DDN’s SFA and IME NVMe SSD storage platforms with SQream DB’s GPU-based Big Data SQL database (SQream DB) enables enterprises to ingest, compress, store, and analyze massive amounts of data.

“The ability to accelerate data queries and quickly analyze massive amounts of information is driving competitive advantage and valuable business insights across the market,” said Joel Sehr, VP of Americas at SQream. “We are excited to partner with DDN and bring the benefits of its unsurpassed expertise in large-scale, high-performance computing environments to our customers.”

The DDN Storage and SQream DB solutions provide a performance boost to an organization’s GPU framework, by ensuring both the database and the underlying storage infrastructure are optimized for at-scale processing.

DDN’s purpose-built SFA and IME NVMe SSD appliances eliminate performance bottlenecks and deliver high speed and low latency responses to queries against most massive datasets.

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