DataDirect Networks Ships Big Data Management Suite

DataDirect Networks (DDN), a provider of scalable storage, announced a centralized management solution for its storage, file system, and in-storage processing technology.

With a unified interface designed to handle all aspects of big data storage infrastructure administration, DDN’s DirectMon minimizes administrator overhead and provides a framework for both real-time and predictive systems management and tuning of SAN, NAS and parallel file storage environments.

“DDN’s DirectMon takes the complexity out of managing even the world’s largest Big Data environments, and enables our customers to deploy simple infrastructure capable of scaling up for deep storage capacity and scaling out for added storage capacity and performance,” says Jean Luc Chatelain, executive vice president of strategy and technology at DDN.

The new solution, DirectMon, is immediately available for DDN’s SFA platforms, including the 6620, 10K and 12K series of products.  Additionally, DirectMon will immediately support DDN’s Gridscaler file system and IBM GPFS environments. This is the first of a release strategy that will, over time, address the broader range of DDN’s file storage products as well as the company’s analytics infrastructure direction.

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