DataDirect Releases New ODBC Drivers; Publishes Book on Database Application Performance

DataDirect Technologies, a provider of data connectivity and mainframe integration, has released a new suite of 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC drivers that offer new enhancements intended to streamline application development, boost performance and reduce application certification costs. The updated suite, DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0, integrates with the DataDirect Bulk Load and DataDirect Application Failover products.

In addition to support for all major platforms and popular databases, including Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Informix, Connect for ODBC extends its wire protocol design to the PostgreSQL and Greenplum databases, addressing  the need to support "additional data sources that have gained popularity in the last few years," Rob Steward, vice president of research and development at DataDirect, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Connect for ODBC also adds DataDirect Bulk Load functionality. This enables software developers to load bulk data into a database the fastest way possible through ODBC; export data from one database and import it into another; perform a variety of bulk operations without having to use or deploy load tools from the database vendor; and boost the performance of existing batch operations without the need for application code changes. These are "the first drivers to implement that type of functionality," notes Steward. "So you can take even an existing application and kind of flip the switch and be able to use those bulk protocols underneath the drivers which would make inserting larger amounts of data go much, much faster than a typical ODBC driver could do."

DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0 adds DataDirect Application Failover features; and includes advanced connection pooling inside each driver versus the driver manager.

Separately, Steward said that he and John Goodson, vice president and general manager for DataDirect, have authored a new book, The Data Access Handbook: Achieving Optimal Database Application Performance and Scalability. There are many books on how to tune a database-"how do I tune my Oracle server, how do I tune my DB2 server, what are the configuration options, how do I create the right schemas, tables,indexes and relationships," states Steward. However, there is "no good source" for information on making the right choices regarding that middleware,  that data access code, those drivers and that network "which are a huge part" of performance, says Steward. "How do I understand what those things are doing and how do I make the right choices as I am coding my data access code that affect the overall performance?" are important concerns, he notes. "The book is all about helping you understand the choices that you make and how those affect everything."

For more information about the book, go here.

DataDirect is an operating company of Progress Software Corporation. For a complete listing of all features found in DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0, go here.