DataFlux Announces Real-Time Data Services Connection to SAP Environment

DataFlux, a provider of data quality and data integration solutions, has announced the general availability of DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions to integrate key data quality processes into SAP applications. DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions allows customers to utilize the SAP NetWeaver platform while providing web access to real-time DataFlux data services. DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions offers pre-built workflows designed for SAP data that are integrated into SAP user interfaces. This allows users to remotely call DataFlux data quality services directly from the SAP environment, and deliver accurate and consistent data across the SAP landscape.

"SAP users don't even really know when they are calling DataFlux processes," Daniel Teachey, senior director of marketing for DataFlux, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The data quality processes such as fuzzy matching, standardization, verification, and so forth are completely integrated into the SAP application workflows and GUIs. All the business logic happens on the backend, and data quality steps occur as a natural part of interacting with the application with no interruption in workflow and no requirement to switch systems."

Some of the key data quality processes that have been integrated into SAP applications include gender and identification type assignment, advanced material data classification and coding, phone number and address validation, geocoding (which is the process of assigning longitude and latitude points to a given address), and data standardization.

DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions is used for specific data enhancement and improvement processes, focusing on data types and scenarios most commonly faced by SAP customers. In addition to the real-time availability of data quality services, according to DataFlux, SAP users can experience a reduced total cost of ownership of the SAP ecosystem, enhanced procurement savings and spend analysis, and improved functionality in several SAP applications, including SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP SCM.

For more information on DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions, go here.