DataGPT Emerges from Stealth, Releases 'Conversational AI Data Analyst'

DataGPT, a provider of conversational AI data analytics software, is emerging from stealth and launching DataGPT AI Analyst, uniting the creative, comprehension-rich side of a large language model (LLM) with the logic and reasoning of advanced analytics techniques.

According to the company, this combination makes sophisticated analysis accessible to more people without compromising accuracy and impact.

"Our vision at DataGPT is crystal clear: we are committed to empowering anyone, in any company, to chat directly to their data," said Arina Curtis, CEO and co-founder, DataGPT. "Our DataGPT software, rooted in conversational AI data analysis, not only delivers instant, analyst-grade results, but provides a seamless, user-friendly experience that bridges the gap between rigid reports and informed decision making."

DataGPT can proactively uncover insights for anyone, in any company. Non-technical business users and department managers can type questions into a familiar chat window interface using the same natural language they would when chatting with a colleague.

They can ask questions such as "why is my revenue down this week?" and easily dig deeper into the data using follow-on prompts that uncover additional levels of detail, such as "tell me more about the drop from influencer partnerships."

DataGPT can process billions of rows of data in real time and provides both insights and visualizations, a key differentiator from other available offerings, according to the company.

Key benefits of DataGPT include:

  • Lightning Cache - DataGPT's proprietary database is 90 times faster than traditional databases, enabling 15 times cheaper analysis and running queries 600 times faster than standard business intelligence tools.
  • Data Analytics Engine - General purpose LLMs struggle with computationally complex questions. Ask DataGPT a question, and it will execute millions of queries and calculations to determine the most relevant and impactful insights.
  • Data Analyst Agent - Smart enough to handle the ambiguities of human speech and accurately interpret which data elements are of interest to the user, our self-hosted LLM manages contextual interpretations and avoids the inaccuracies ("hallucinations") of generic foundation models.

By empowering anyone to ask any question of their data, DataGPT is putting skilled analysis capabilities into the hands of the everyday user, boosting efficiency, and helping companies build a modern, advanced data culture, according to the company.

These newly attainable insights can unlock previously undiscovered revenue streams and free up nearly 500 hours each quarter for busy data teams, allowing them to focus on higher-yield projects. DataGPT plans to open source its database soon.

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