DataGrail’s Managed Services Offering Democratizes Privacy Management for Budget-Burdened Enterprises

DataGrail, the Privacy Control Center enterprise, is unveiling DataGrail Managed Services, a privacy management offering that alleviates the heavy load of day-to-day privacy tasks, handling processes such as DSR fulfillment and data mapping. By optimizing the use of internal resources through DataGrail expert support, Managed Services addresses the rapidly changing—and expensive—world of proprietary data privacy.

Expanding on DataGrail’s robust data privacy management capabilities, the Managed Services solution enables enterprises burdened by a lack of resources to leverage the expertise of privacy professionals. These experts serve as thought partners, unveiling complex and sensitive issues involved in privacy maintenance for an organization’s privacy and legal teams to review and sign off on, according to the company.

“Our Managed Services offering really is the first foray into providing trained, highly skilled individuals to help support the ongoing needs of the privacy program at an organization,” said Daniel Barber, CEO and co-founder of DataGrail. “We're really excited to bring this to market. This is the first solution we've seen that provides both technology and services to fulfill the needs of growing businesses.”

DataGrail Managed Services delivers on two components for data privacy management: the DataGrail Request Manager product and DataGrail Data Mapping capabilities. Ultimately, these features amalgamate to provide teams with the ability to run highly scalable, reliable, and resource-optimized data privacy programs with ease and efficiency.

“There are a number of people that might be involved in looking or evaluating the personal information that would be stored about an individual. Through the Managed Services program, those individuals and the majority of their work could be taken on by the DataGrail team,” said Barber. “So, it means that the time-to-value of deployment for DataGrail is faster…[there’s] better return on investment for the team that selects DataGrail, [as well as] less involvement from other folks where privacy is not their core competency.”

Additionally, enterprises are ensured that their data remains private while utilizing DataGrail’s offerings and expert support.

“We don't store any of our customer's personal information. All of the personal information that is stored on an individual remains in the location of our customer,” explained Barber. “From a security standpoint, we provide security by default.”

For the Request Manager product, Managed Services allots a privacy manager to enable:

  • Timely DSR processing in accordance with enterprise timelines
  • Coordination of internal stakeholders
  • A fully documented, end-to-end process
  • Asset delivery for training and executing DSR processing at scale
  • Iterative process improvements as new tools and stakeholders are onboarded

DataGrail Data Mapping is enhanced by Managed Services to:

  • Promote internal stakeholder engagement and coordination for data mapping exercises
  • Create risk assessment that can be applied to new or updated systems
  • Track approvals and review action items for records of process activities
  • Support annual or bi-annual project planning and templatization
  • Reuse communications assets for stakeholder updates on data mapping and resource planning

“In this environment, it's really challenging to find professionals that are skilled in privacy. And in addition to that, businesses may struggle to secure a budget, the individuals, and the resources that they need to deliver on their privacy obligations,” said Barber. “So, courtesy of having the DataGrail Managed Services offering available, now they can ensure that they meet those obligations, those requirements, and expectations, [as well as] reduce their overhead.”

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