DataGuise Teams with NetApp to Validate High Performance Privacy Solutions for Data Warehousing

Dataguise, a provider of enterprise security intelligence solutions, has announced a high performing database cloning privacy solution to support test, development and analytic uses in data warehousing environments. According to Dataguise, its sensitive data discovery and masking solutions complement NetApp's solution for rapid cloning of large Oracle data sets to enable efficient and secure distribution when running on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) platform.

The database cloning privacy solution enables accelerated sharing of production data for non-production key business processes such as application test, development and business analytics while transparently protecting sensitive information from disclosure. The Dataguise and NetApp joint solution is designed to provide fresh production data that is delivered in a timely manner, safely and efficiently with no impact on production systems.

According to the vendors, benchmarking of the secure database cloning solution has demonstrated its ability to analyze, mask and share large production data sets. In testing, an 8TB Oracle 11g Database with Real Application Clustering (RAC) was analyzed in 15 minutes to determine which information needed to be masked. Further validating the performance of this solution, Dataguise de-identified 9 columns of a 1.3 billion row database table in less than 9 hours at the rate of over 150 million rows per hour, providing enterprises using the solution with the ability to efficiently support their business analytics and critical enterprise applications while responsibly limiting the exposure of sensitive data to unnecessary risk.

"Consumer privacy and the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) is a top concern for organizations globally," said Allan Thompson, EVP, Operations, Dataguise. "With the explosion of data from e-commerce, social networking, mobile platforms and advertising technologies, this solution closes the security gap in environments where large databases of consumer information are used outside of the production environment, allowing much more efficient and secure data sharing to support business initiatives."

The secure database cloning solution leverages NetApp SnapMirror, enabling quick duplication of production data without disrupting production applications in use. Dataguise sensitive data protection solutions, DgDiscover and DgMasker, reliably analyze the production data to locate and mask sensitive data. The server-based masking implementation runs from a Java client which allows masking operations to be embedded completely into the NetApp testing and development flow. Writable clones of the masked data set are then distributed quickly and efficiently for non-production use with NetApp FlexClone.

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